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Anjou Automation, since 1982

From its very beginnings, Anjou Automation has designed and manufactured regulation and automation equipment for the horticultural and market garden greenhouse environment. This is the company’s core business. Its climate and irrigation regulators are installed all over the world. The company has gained worldwide recognition.

Today, Anjou Automation can offer its customers turnkey solutions thanks to the extension of its product lines such as:
• Mechanisation using gear motors, manual gears, telescopic arms and racks;
• pumping via pumping station management;
• fertilisation using the fertiliser injection and fertilisation management station.

Anjou Automation developed based on values such as dynamism, reactivity and diversification. It thus completed and upgraded its line over time. Currently, Anjou Automation is also present in other sectors such as:
• The agri-food industry with its rotary vane level detectors;
• the automotive industry through the design and manufacture of ambulance dashboards;
• agricultural machinery with its remote control boxes.

NADIA group

It is currently considered to be an example of success thanks to the diversity of its activities that generate multiple added value and are “crisis buffering”.

An offshoot of NADIA, a registration plate manufacturer created in 1962, the NADIA group diversified its activities and grew to become a multi-discipline industrial group structured around 6 sectors of activity.

Considered an exception for many years during which the trend was single business concentration, NADIA group masters several activities, fed by know-how based on experienced people who are close to the field and its customers, people who are experts in their manufacturing trade and who are constantly in search of innovation.

The Group companies design and manufacture products in a completely integrated manner. The Group has a Research department which guarantees a high capacity for innovation and reactivity. Resolutely turned towards the export market, some companies generate up to 80% of their turnover abroad.

They are all undisputed leaders of their respective markets and carry an image of faultless quality and service around original and effective products.

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