Climate / Sensors Polyclim NG

Product range

Climate / Sensors

Regulate the climate inside your greenhouses while guaranteeing the safety of your structure using weather sensors, in order to provide an optimum environment for the growth of your plants.

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Irrigation Polyprog 12

Product range


Programme your clean or fertilised water irrigation cycles. Manage fertiliser and acid injections upstream of your irrigation. Feed your plants depending on external elements such as sunlight levels or soil humidity.

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Pumping Armoire démarrage progressif

Product range


Manage your water upstream from your irrigation. Protect your hydraulic networks and save on energy.

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Power Armoire de puissance modulaire

Product range


Power all units present in the greenhouse. Protect your installation either in remote boxes or in a centralised cabinet.

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Product range


Mechanise your opening and shading systems. Refine the climate in your greenhouses either manually or controlled automatically.

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Level detector Détecteur de niveau ANR

Gamme de produits

Level detector

Secure your installations by preventing jams and/or missing materials using high and low level safety systems in your silos, hoppers, etc.

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La société Anjou Automation

Our company

ANJOU AUTOMATION was created in 1982. It designs and manufactures regulation and automation equipment for sectors such as the agri-food, environment and automotive industries.
Based on techniques that make wide use of digital electronics and industrial IT, the business was able to develop innovating lines of standard products that are perfectly suited to user needs and is also available to create bespoke products.
Today, ANJOU AUTOMATION is especially recognised all over the world for its greenhouse climate regulators and weather sensors.

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Anjou Automation, is...

The French leader and a major global player on the greenhouse climate regulation market. A supplier of global solutions: from weather sensors to opening gear motors as well as irrigation programmers and climate regulators.

Made in France

Based in Mortagne sur Sèvre, Anjou Automation designs and manufactures all its products in France. Present on the French market for over 35 years, Anjou Automation uses a network of French distributors to promote French quality.


Anjou Automation is specialised in horticultural and market garden greenhouse environments. Using the experience of its engineers and developers, Anjou best meets your specific needs while developing new products in line with emerging concepts on the greenhouse market.

Internationally acknowledged know-how

From its very beginnings, Anjou Automation has sold its products worldwide and has products installed on every continent. Thanks to its regulators and multi-lingual staff, its reputation has no borders.

In-house development

Thanks to its team of IT developers and an electricity design office, Anjou Automation has developed and continues to develop its software in-house. This makes it possible for it to control all aspects of its products and to be able to best support you.