The Artic is a latest generation climate and/or fertilisation-irrigation management computer. Its wide, colour touch screen makes its configuration and the use of its data both simple and user-friendly. Its processor power makes regulation accurate and effective. Its embedded SD card makes it possible to locally store data safely for easy use. Its USB port can be used for easy software updates (new version, added function). . Using its embedded web site, it can now be controlled remotely by connecting it to the network.

Possibility of connecting several ARTIC units in a Weather and/or monitoring network. Network compatibility with all the Polyclim, Maxiclim, Masterclim and Artic climate regulators.

In addition to its climate management functions, the Artic has other options available such as:
• Irrigation and/or fertilisation management: management of up to 94 solenoids. 40 irrigation groups

• Heating management: boiler (max 3), transport and storage tank management.

• Viewing of external faults: external contact reporting (48 max.) such as motor circuit breaker trips.

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