La société

Group Nadia

The Nadia Company, Founded in 1962, commenced business with the manufacturing of "license plates", and has, since the beginning of the '70's, specialized in the manufacturing of road and construction signs. In May of '76, The Nadia Co. was purchased by a large industrial group (The Nicoll Plastic Fitting Co.) This sale, made it possible, due to financial & commercial stability, to rapidly develop the company as a leader in the market by the early '80's.

That same year, the Nicols Co. was then sold to Eternit, which allowed its founder, Mr Jean Ollivier, to put all emphasis and effort into Nadia. Under his direction, Mr Ollivier developed a strong policy of diversification and separated all other branch activities. This allowed the group to focus on key goals for Nadia, designed for the customer; Service, Quality & Product Expansion. The Group, striving to develop itself, sought the opportunity to invest, innovate & expand. It was during this time frame, due to rapid internal & external growth, a full, diversed company had evolved.

With this new success, Mr Jean Ollivier decided to hand the destiny & future of the Group over to Mr Alain Durand (whom he had known well since taking the position in 1976). Along with 7 other directors of the group, Mr Durand founded a new team, with hopes to maintain the goals of the company, through growth, by innovation & research.

NADIA SIGNALISATION: Traffic and construction signs, signage,

SIB: External aluminium equipment for the home (gates, garage doors, shutters, fencing)

DYNAMIC: Food preparation equipment for professional kitchens

NICOLS: Canal Boat Hire

FORCE 5: Sale of boats, chandlery, engines.

ALUCLOS: Aluminum fencing