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Automatic devices and control systems

Since his creation in 1982, ANJOU AUTOMATION, has conceived and manufactured regulation and automatism equipments in sectors such as farm-produce industry, environment and car industry.

Nouveau bâtiment AABased on tecnics that use largely numerical electronic and industrial computing, the company has developped ranges of standard products , innovating and well adapted to user's needs. Also, the company remains at your disposal to realize products on demand.

ANJOU AUTOMATION is well known all over the world for its climate controllers in greenhouses and its meteo sensors, CLIMATRONIC

The others famous products are:

  • Climate controllers for breeding farm
  • Watering programmers
  • Automatism for irrigation, pumping stations and refinement stations
  • Equipement to measure levels in silos
  • Electronic dashboard
  • Realization of electronic cards on schedule of conditions.

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